Party People... Finding people for your party!

Party People

Party People is an online directory to bring together party organisers and casual staff to have fun and make money.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in Partying! and we think that our open and fair approach to matching party hosts with staff is the best in the market.
Party People is only small (and in BETA) at the moment but it is our intention to grow quickly with your help.
In fact we have specifically designed our platform with feedback from both staff and organisers so that our business model and pricing approach fairly takes account of the needs of everyone.

  • Great Pricing for Organisers

    It's totally free and zero-risk to register and list your party

    Unlike using an staffing agency, you can set your own rate that matches your budget and your plans. By having none of the overheads of an agency you can, as an organiser, often save up to 50% on your costs; you can have also know that more money is going direct to your staff - making it all the more likely they will enjoy working at your party!

  • No Fees for Staff

    It will always be totally free to register, create a profile, find and apply as well as to get booked for work!

    Unlike agencies and other websites we do not charge staff or take any of the money you earn from your partying!

  • Flexible and Convenient for Organisers

    As an organiser, once you have listed your party, you can search and invite staff directly. Staff profiles include all the information you need to select the right people for your party, whatever the theme.

    A full record of the all your applications/invites and bookings for each of your parties is available on your dashboard.

  • Flexible and Convenient for Staff

    As prospective staff, once you have created your profile you can search and apply for parties in your area. Party listing clearly state the tasks and other requirements as well as the rate of pay, you can choose to apply directly or only respond to invitations sent from organisers - it's totally up to you!

    After you are booked, a full record of the job details is available on your dashboard, making it easy to keep track of your work commitments.